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Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Hobe Sound, FL

A serious fire incident doesn’t need a major reason to happen. It can find its place through the simplest events. For instance, a faulty wiring can cause an electrical spark which can further lead to a dangerous fire incident or a room heater that has been kept switched on for a long period of time can lead to severe fire and smoke damage. It’s not just the property that's in stake, fire incidents prove critically perilous for several lives present at the fire site.

If you have experienced a fire at your Florida house/office, you should call a professional damage restoration company to best restore your property within a short amount of time. Water Damage Hobe Sound is one of the few leading companies which deal with fire and smoke damage. Our team will evaluate the actual damage ensued to your property. We’ll suggest and provide you with the best damage restoration services that best suit your need as well as your budget.  

Here at Water Damage Hobe Sound, we are committed to provide a full range of damage restoration services in order to get your property back to its normal condition.

Few of our comprehensively offered damage restoration services in Florida are:

• Evaluation of the fire and smoke damage
• Discrete documentation of damaged and undamaged property
• Fire site clean up Hobe Sound
• Smoke and soot clean up
• Debris and wreckage removal
• Contents Secure Restoration Hobe Sound
• Structural Drying of the walls, floor and ceiling
• Repairing and rebuilding of the structure, if required
• Sanitization and Deodorization to prevent health hazards

Restoration experts are available to assist you 24/7 and work in coordination with local authorities and your insurance company to protect your property, minimize your loss and commence the procedure of recuperating your property and assets.

Water damage needs hard and strong labor and I feel we were charged fairly. The crew was very alert and I would recommend this company to my friends and family. We had a couple of problems afterwards and the crew was there to help and they were very knowledgeable.

--Terrence P.